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               Organic handmade headbands.

   Collaborating with local artists to empower a lifestyle of creativity!                      

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I am a lover of headbands. My love for headbands roots in my love to creatively express myself. Through headbands I hope to bring awareness that our creativity is an out pour of the beauty of God. 

To bring awareness of the creatives around me, I have reached out to local artists who inspire me to create and have asked them to design a headband. To support and encourage their work 10% of monthly proceeds will go to one featured artist. I hope you are inspired by their work. Read their bio's!


check out the designs..

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Featured Artist of the Month

10% of this month's proceeds will go to her efforts towards creative living!


My name is Mara Droppers and I am a 22 year old  from Orlando, FL.

My interests in art are always changing, yet recently I have been simply enjoying the process of creating. To me art is a way to think deeply and act on curiosity as well as an act of play. In the simplest form I would consider myself an artist who thrives in making connections through various medias. I enjoy the complexity of filmmaking and challenge of expressing 3 dimensional ideas in a 2 dimensional space. Recently I have grown to become intrigued in how video and sculpture can be paired together as an act of poetry. Poetry to me is the process of taking something experienced (3D) and creating a written (2D) image. The images that we create with our words in poetry build the poem, they are the material. In a similar sense I am exploring how to invert this process to use 3D forms in sculpture to communicate a more 2D narrative in a poetic nature.

I also dabble in poetry, but I am no expert.

All that aside, I am a soon to be college graduate who has little to no idea what the future will hold. I am marrying my best friend in 5 months (woot! woot!) and I hope to become a (more serious) freelance filmmaker in the near future.


designs are being made by local creatives.

Supporting Artists


creative Living

Sage bands hopes to a empower a lifestyle of creativity through partnering with people who trust that their dreams are worth pursuing: whether it is the little boy across the street that loves to draw, the mom who likes to water color in her free time, or the artist pursuing to do art full-time. Through stories of average people I hope to reveal that creativity dwells within each of us!