sage bands



My name is Sayde & this is why I make headbands:

Simple and slow. Sage Bands was launched from small beginnings: a janky sewing machine, a passion to be a maker and little technical sewing skills. The dream began in a little vacant room of the cottage that my best friends and I lived in. 

With a deep love for the earth and fibers, Sage Bands has been a creative outlet for me to research and better understand an initiative towards sustainable food and fashion. Switching to experimenting with plant dyes instead of synthetic color, organic cottons and biodegradable fibers like linen, hemp, silk, and wool has been a huge shift in better understanding practical steps towards sustainability. Creating sustainable organic cotton headbands is not to pursue a trendy lifestyle, but has been the beginnings to understand the importance of living a life that slows down and is concerned with becoming a nurturer of the land and my relationships. 

Wendell Berry, the poet farmer, once said, β€œThe standard of the exploiter is efficiency; the standard of the nurturer is care.”

If we realized that every object (however remotely) begins from the land and ultimately must return to it. How synthetics and overconsumption disrupt this knowing connection and now we must navigate back. Maybe this navigation simply starts with one naturally dyed headband and a backyard garden.