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Each month Sage Bands will print one supporting artists designs and feature them as artist of the month.

10% of proceeds will go towards their efforts to creative living! 


Kate Karadsheh

I'm from Chicago but I currently live in Zeeland, MI with my husband, Chandler. I went to school for journalism and I've always been a linguaphile, but after school I started exploring my artistic talents and fell in love with hand lettering, illustration and graphic design. Chandler has always loved comedy and is one of the funniest people I know – I quite literally married a joke. He's done some comedy writing and tried his hand at stand up, but his true talent is one-liners and puns. We love working together and we started to brainstorm ways to combine our talents. This led us to create thirty9south. Our goal is to deliver well-designed humor that integrates easily into daily life. We accomplish this goal by plastering puns, amusing thoughts and uninspiring quotes on the objects we use to write, drink, read, text, decorate our living spaces and do just about everything because life is more enjoyable with laughter!

Thirty9south allows me to take the things that inspire me: language, art and design; and create something completely unexpected and hilarious. I am the creative driver behind the company and I enliven the humor with delightful, hand-crafted designs. Chandler provides the sarcasm and dry wit. Together, we hope to transform tedious tasks and everyday humdrum into enjoyable endeavors with aesthetically pleasing tools. Join us and defeat the blandness of mass-produced mediocrity. After all, laughing is better than crying unless one is causing the other.


Eli Krino

I have lived in Holland, MI and have made art throughout my ten years of life.  I hope that by creating art, others will be inspired to make their own art.  Nature, my imagination, and other people’s art inspire me.

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Arlo Krino

Holland, MI is my home.  I am twelve years old and art has always been a part of my life.  My goals as an artist are to please myself and other people.  I take details from nature, books, and movies and combine them with my own ideas.  

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Kate Kooiker

I’m Kate Kooiker, a graduating Studio Art and Business major at Hope College. I love exploring the combinations of my interests and the realm of possibilities this process opens up. My work leans into aesthetic geometry and precision while also conversing with function in order to find satisfaction. The intersection where these boundaries collapse inspires me to move beyond traditional disciplinary borders to fuse the realms of craft, design, and function.


Blake Johnson

Yo! My name is Blake Johnson and I am a 22 year old from the Lansing area.

Aesthetically, I love minimalistic abstractions and scandinavian design. Each of these, to me, invite people into a coziness that is somehow both accessible and yet deceptively complex. I find that human interactions can be the same way - providing a warmth and a belonging that is as familiar as home, all the while remaining mysteriously intricate and foreign. Good design, like good friends, can make us simultaneously understand and question who we are.

What I value most are close relationships and intimate communities because they help remind me who I am. The expression and discipline of art and design have served as venues for togetherness and by default, personal identity in my life, where the joy I receive from creating is ultimately incomplete until the creation is shared with other people. I think there is great beauty in companionship and in sharing your life with others and I seek to make things out of that affection and appreciation. It is my hope that through design, I could participate in a story greater than the singular, one where we are on the way, together.


Laurel Hall

Hello! My name is Laurel, I’m 22, and I am from Chelsea, MI. I find that I am continually drawn to the abstract, the bigger picture, and the deeper meaning in art. I love minimalism, new trends, and innovative works, but am always a sucker for old school too. (I think that’s why I really love paper goods & cards!)

I like the way things look and I believe that design should be good and should be used for good. I want to be stopped by subtleties, captivated by softness, and excited by boldness. The art that I admire, the art that I create, and the art that I sell are all different… but I want to always see and recognize beauty around me, and then slow down enough to let that inspire me, teach me, or make me think! Details matter and they’re beautiful.

I created Ordinary Card Co. to extend love and validate the worth in the people who receive notes...and perhaps provide a chuckle along the way too! So often we are drawn to big grandiose ideas or ways to say or do things, but I think that things that are ordinary...just uncommon...go a really long way. It’s exciting to use something so simple and small to encourage others!


Mackenzie Loughead

Fashion Design and Business major from Rockford, IL. My wish is to instill overwhelming self-confidence in the wearer of the pieces I create. Each morning, I ask the Master Creator to open my eyes to the small details of this world. Light refracting on the walls, the color of my morning coffee, and dark, rolling clouds have all inspired me to innovate their beauty into my designs.


Mara Droppers


My name is Mara Droppers and I am a 22 year old  from Orlando, FL.

My interests in art are always changing, yet recently I have been simply enjoying the process of creating. To me art is a way to think deeply and act on curiosity as well as an act of play. In the simplest form I would consider myself an artist who thrives in making connections through various medias. I enjoy the complexity of filmmaking and challenge of expressing 3 dimensional ideas in a 2 dimensional space. Recently I have grown to become intrigued in how video and sculpture can be paired together as an act of poetry. Poetry to me is the process of taking something experienced (3D) and creating a written (2D) image. The images that we create with our words in poetry build the poem, they are the material. In a similar sense I am exploring how to invert this process to use 3D forms in sculpture to communicate a more 2D narrative in a poetic nature.

I also dabble in poetry, but I am no expert.

All that aside, I am a soon to be college graduate who has little to no idea what the future will hold. I am marrying my best friend in 5 months (woot! woot!) and I hope to become a (more serious) freelance filmmaker in the near future.


Emily Branca

My Name is Emily Branca, and I’m from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Currently a Senior at Hope College, pursuing a degree in Studio Art, I am both an artist and food enthusiast. Though I am passionate about expressing myself through many forms of artistic mediums, I truly love working with watercolor and sculpture. Oh, and cake.